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Sponsoring a child gives them an education, healthcare and hope for a better life.


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"If you have it on your heart to go, you absolutely should go! The WITLI team is so fun and you meet so many amazing people every day. It's an experience, it's an adventure and it will fill your heart with love."

− Staci Bohling - Child Sponsor

"I love how the leaders of Walk In The Light show incredible love in practical ways."

− Mike Acker - Pastor

"An effective ministry, amazing people, with a heart for the hurting."

− Cathy McKay - Child Sponsor

Current Campaigns & Projects

Caleb’s Dream began just as it sounds – with the dream of an elementary student named Caleb to bring health care to those who couldn’t get it themselves. After experiencing a broken arm and seeing how important good health care is, Caleb’s heart was broken for children in Burkina Faso who don’t have the same access he does. Click the image above to see how you can join Caleb!

Change 4 Change is a unique way that you can help raise funds to specific causes in Burkina Faso. For a month long period, we encourage families to set aside their pocket change, and at the end of the month, to contribute that change at a local repository. This fundraiser can be led by anyone! All you need is passion, and the ability to communicate the mission! Click the image above to learn more!

A vital part of WITLI’s strategy for providing high-quality education is nutrition! Many of the children who attend our schools are unable to eat enough food on a daily basis, which leads to many difficult side-effects, like headaches, stomach pain, and more. These are distractions from learning, and often cause the students to lag behind in their studies. So, we want to build kitchens at each of our schools to ensure that we can give our children lunches, which will ensure that they have the nutrition needed to stay focused!

Walk in the Light International always has multiple projects and campaigns going on at any given time! Check out our projects page┬áto see which projects are currently underway! These projects range from construction, to health care, to education, to spiritual development and more. Maybe there’s a project happening that you are passionate about and can contribute to! You can contribute in multiple ways – from┬ávolunteering or leading a fundraising event, to donating financially!

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