In Jan 2009, the founders of Walk in the Light found themselves in the village of Rialo for the first time. When they arrived they discovered the most amazing people who welcomed them and made them a part of their family! They also discovered what extreme poverty looked like. People walked five miles each way to a river to get dirty water. They had no roads, no electricity, no education, no healthcare and no hope of economic growth.

After meeting with the village elders they said to the founders, “If you wash our back, we will wash our front.” This has paved the way for everything we do together. WITLI never does anything they can do themselves but helps in doing the things that are not possible. Today the community is a completely different place with a vibrant hope for a great future! In 8-10 years time, WITLI’s work in Rialo will be complete. See how you can be a part of this transformation below.

Population: 2073
Surrounding Population: 6000+
Kids in School: 446
Language: Moreé

People Groups: Mossi and Fulani tribes
Completed Projects: 6 primary classrooms, 2 secondary classrooms, 7 teacher’s houses, 3 wells, 1 church, 1 health center, 3 nurse’s houses latrines, and many more!


Education truly is the key competent to a child’s future, which is why a primary school was the first step in the plan. This school now has grades 1-8, and the next step is to finish a secondary school with grades 9-12.

Health Care

The Rialo Health Center and Maternity Ward celebrated it’s grand opening in January 2017 and tended to over 200 patients in less than 30 days! After the first week, patient flow was so great that an additional nurse and midwife were hired to accommodate the growing need! In the first year, the Rialo Health Center saw over 4000 patients.

The Rialo Health Center staff is overseen by our Health Center Director and visiting physician Dr. Samuel, and includes our two nurses, midwife, and pharmacist, all working to serve Rialo and the greater surrounding community.

Find out more here.


We have primarily worked in livestock and forestry as well as training the community on how to use them to the best of their ability. In 2017, WITLI was blessed by generous donors to be able to start a brand new garden at the school in Rialo where students will be trained in agricultural practices so that they can contribute to the economy of their village with this enhanced skill.


In the years directly after WITLI’s arrival in Rialo, the local church grew extensively, to the point where a building expansion was needed! We partnered with them to help build a new church building, and completion is scheduled for the end of 2018!


Rialo now has their own market to sell goods and grow their economy. You can invest into one of these businesses through our pay it forward loan program.


In 2009 we fixed the only well the community had and have drilled four others since then. Help provide clean water to Rialo and other villages at our Walk 4 Water page.

Child Sponsorship

There are over 250 kids sponsored in Rialo with many more waiting. Click here to sponsor a child.

Photos from Rialo