Pay It Forward Loan Program

There is a creative, intelligent, and resourceful woman in Burkina Faso with a great business plan, looking for the capital to become an entrepreneur. She presents her plan to WITLI’s Burkinabé coach who partners with her to refine and strengthen the business plan.

When you fund a Pay It Forward loan, a woman is empowered with the capital she needs to start her own business, receiving a 0% interest loan. As she pioneers her business, her coach continues to walk alongside her, equipping and empowering her to overcome self-identified weaknesses.

Every month the women meet with their coach and make their payments according to their plan. The monthly update allows them to talk through their successes and seek counsel on improvement. Once the loan is repaid in full, the money recycles to fund and empower another woman.

Suzanne Kabore | BFWBI0040

My name is Suzanne Kabore. I am 28 years old. My parents abandoned me when I was a baby. My dad flew to the Ivory Coast and my mother married another man. I grew up living with my Uncle. They didn’t send me to school. I am their servant and they pay me 10,000frc ($17 USD) each month. I don’t have a husband or a job. Today I heard about you and I ask for your help to start a business selling fruits.

The money I make I want to use to look for my mother. I would like to see her again one day.

Thank you,


Nadine Kabre | BFWBI0031

My name is Kabre Nadine. I am a Christian but my husband is not. It’s difficult for him to understand why I prefer to go to church instead of working. Life is sometimes difficult but especially as a couple that doesn’t share the same religion. In Burkina your husband can tell you to eat, to not eat, to stay, to go and you must obey. Sometimes, you regret your wedding but it’s too late. It’s my life every day. If my husband tells me to leave his house, I don’t know where I can go. I ask for your help to be independent. Also, I would like your prayers too. I want my husband to love Jesus too.

Thank you,


Celine Moungoubou | BFWBI0038

My name is Moungoubou Celine. I am an old woman but I am still strong. My son helped me buy two pigs. I breed my pigs and I am very happy to do that. In 2014, I was in an accident and I was obliged to have surgery. They put an iron in my leg so I can no longer cultivate our fields. But I can take care of my pigs. But, I would love to take care of even more pigs. Please help me to have a loan. I have many grandchildren and I want them to be proud of me.

Thank you,


WITLI Pay It Forward Women's Program

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