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Child Sponsorship

Sponsoring a child gives them an education, healthcare and hope for a better life.


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ANNUAL Walk in the Light Dinner!

If you have it on your heart to go, you absolutely should go! The WITLI team is so fun and you meet so many amazing people every day. It's an experience, it's an adventure and it will fill your heart with love.

Staci Bohling - Child Sponsor

I love how the leaders of Walk In The Light show incredible love in practical ways.

Mike Acker - Pastor

An effective ministry, amazing people, with a heart for the hurting.

Cathy McKay - Child Sponsor

Current Campaigns & Projects

Walk in the Light International always has multiple projects and campaigns going on at any given time! Check out our projects page to see which projects are currently underway! These projects range from construction, to health care, to education, to spiritual development and more. Maybe there’s a project happening that you are passionate about and can contribute to! You can contribute in multiple ways – from volunteering or leading a fundraising event, to donating financially!

Sponsorship Changes Lives

For $35 a month, you can provide the essentials to ensure that a child in Burkina Faso receives a quality education.

Sponsorship funds contribute toward teacher’s salaries and provide school supplies and lunches for all students, regardless of their sponsorship status.  Your sponsored child will receive a school uniform and regular medical check ups.


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