Village S

The terrain is very dry and flat.

However, when you go there and meet the people, you experience life and energy! God led us to the village of S through Pastor Z who planted the first church in the community in 2009. He saw the first believer ever to come to know Christ in that village. Now there are five other church plants and hundreds of believers on fire! It was obvious God was up to something, and we just knew we had to be a part of that. The pastor has led the way in community conversations, which ultimately has created an amazing partnership between the community, the church and WITLI! Read below for more details.

Population: 1630
Surrounding Population: 7000+
Kids in School: 122
Language: Moreé

People Groups: Mossi
Completed Projects: 2 wells, 4 classrooms and 3 teachers houses.


The first half of the primary school for grades 1-3 was built in 2014. Building for grades 4-6 is almost complete and will be finished in 2018.

Health Care

Currently there is no health center in S. However, there are plans in the works. WITLI provides routine checkups and treatments needed for the children in school.

Child Sponsorship

Be one of the first to sponsor a child in “S”!


We are developing a strong relationship with the local church and Pastor Z, our primary connection to the community. He has a thriving, growing church and healing ministry. The school, like all our schools, is a Christian school. Pastor Z volunteers by teaching Bible classes.


We are working with the community to develop a plan to grow their community economically. In 2017, WITLI partnered with Pay-it-Forward program to help foster the growth of new businesses.


We have drilled two wells in “S” for the school and the local church. Help provide clean water for “S” and other villages at our Walk 4 Water page.

Photos from Sondre