The village of V heard about what WITLI was doing in R through family and asked us to come and meet with them in January 2013. They gave the team the greatest welcome we have ever experienced! The whole community celebrated us all day, then sat us down, thanked us for coming and shared their vision with us for their community and how we could help them achieve their dreams. Dreams to have clean water in their community, education for their children, health care for the sick, roads and bridges for economic and agricultural growth and so much more! Their initiative inspired us to not only believe in them but to believe that WITLI could grow to partner with them as well. Below you can read more about what has been accomplished so far and what else is ahead.

Population: 1561
Surrounding Population: 5000+
Kids in School: 168
Language: Gurunsi, Moreé

People Groups: Gurunsi and Mossi
Completed Projects: 4 classrooms, 4 teachers houses, 2 wells, toilets, school lunch garden and sesame farm


The primary school has been built for grades 1-6. The beginning of the secondary school begins in 2019.

Health Care

Currently there is a health center started in “V”.  WITLI provides routine check ups and treatments needed for the children in  school.


V is lush and has a lot more rainfall than most places in Burkina. They also have a river during the rainy season. They are very advanced in Agricultural development. This has led to a quicker sustainability path in which they are already providing all the funds to maintain the school, all government school fees and other miscellaneous expenses.

Child Sponsorship

There are over 50 children sponsored in V already, with many still waiting for sponsorship! Click here to sponsor a child in V!


We are developing a strong relationship with the local church and have partnered with them to be involved in the outreach at our schools. We encourage them to lead the way in serving their community and giving their contributions towards project funds and labor.


V needs a road into their village and a bridge through the river. Once they have a road, they can build a market and grow their community economically. In partnership with the Pay-it-Forward loan program, more than six businesses have been started to contribute to the economy of V.


We have drilled two wells in V for the school location and have plans for an irrigation project at the river within the next year. Help provide clean water for V and other villages at our Walk 4 Water page.

Photos from V