Sponsorship Changes Lives

For $35 a month, you can provide the essentials to ensure that a child in Burkina Faso receives a quality education.

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Children From Village R

Just click on the image of the child you want to sponsor!

Simpore Chantal

Zongo Yamba Chantal

Guire Rahima

Ouedraogo Sita

Yameogo Sandrine

Ramde Matou

Yameogo Julien

Barry Issaka

Yameogo Jean Paul

Zongo Sylvain

Zi Yamba

Simpore Pierre

Combassere N El Kader

Nakelce Constant

Yameogo Sipoko Germaine

Simpore Philippe

Nakelce Isabelle

Zongo Jules

Kabore Marguerite

Zongo Agnes

Kabore Abdoul Gafarou

Yameogo Henriette

Zongo Chantal

Ouedraogo Simone

Yameogo Wendgoudi Victorine

Zongo Pabegwende Christophe

Ouedraogo Julienne

Ramde Aubert

Ouedraogo Alexis

Barry Aicha

Ouedraogo Ramde Pierre

Zongo Pengdarima Elieazer

Ouedraogo Rasmata

Kabore Kalidjatou

Ouedraogo Noel

Zongo Alexis

Bado Laurentine

Bado Kiswendsida

Kabore Salimata

Children From Village S

Just click on the image of the child you want to sponsor!

Zongo Mahamadi

Kinda Sountoonoma Antoine

Ouedraogo Talato Denise

Kinda Prudence Moussa

Kinda Remi

Kiendrebeogo Wenlasida Michel

Ouedraogo Gabin Sidkieta

Kinda Sana Edwige

Tiendrebeogo Wendyam

Kinda Emilienne

Children From Village V

Just click on the image of the child you want to sponsor!

Benao Dieudonne

Ouedraogo Germaine

Ouedraogo Ismael

Souly Ignace

Kabore Pascaline

Ouedraogo Jacques

Kieno Rodrigue

Sawadogo Kiswendsida

Nignan Arouna

Konkobo Jean

Ouedraogo Gaston

Zoungrana Martin

Ouedraogo Eugenie

Ouiya Ella