Sponsorship Changes Lives

For $35 a month, you can provide the essentials to ensure that a child in Burkina Faso receives a quality education.

Sponsorship funds contribute toward teacher’s salaries and provide school supplies and lunches for all students, regardless of their sponsorship status.  Your sponsored child will receive a school uniform and regular medical check ups.

To make a one-time donation or to update your sponsorship information please click here: UPDATE SPONSORSHIP

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Children From Village R

Just click on the image of the child you want to sponsor!

Nion Irene Webapora

Birthday: Jan 23, 2008

Roamba Noelie

Born in 2005

Kabre Maurice

Born in 2003

Ouedraogo Tiga Thomas

Born in 2006

Yameogo Paul

Born in 2000

Nakelce Yamba

Born in 2009

Zongo Nongma

Born in 2003

Koama Therese

Born in 2009

Guire Assïeta

Born in 2003

Combasre Florence

Birthday: Feb 15, 2005

Bado Dominique

Birthday: April 7, 2006

Zongo Etienne

Birthday: Aug 7, 2007

Nakelce Constant

Born in 2009

Kielem Macaire

Birthday: Aug 30, 2000

Ouedraogo Martin

Birthday: Jan 29, 2005

Zoma Paul

Ramde Ali

Born in 2007

Simpore Philippe

Ouedraogo Sita

Born in 2009

Yameogo Sandrine

Ramde Matou

Yameogo Julien

Born in 2012

Barry Issaka

Birthday: Feb 22, 2009

Zi Yamba

Simpore Pierre

Nakelce Isabelle

Born in 2007

Zongo Jules

Birthday: Aug 31, 2006

Kabore Marguerite

Birthday: June 16, 2008

Zongo Agnes

Zongo Chantal

Yameogo Wendgoudi Victorine

Born in 2009

Zongo Pabegwende Christophe

Born in 2007

Ouedraogo Julienne

Born in 2002

Ramde Aubert

Birthday: Jan 17, 2007

Ouedraogo Ramde Pierre

Zongo Pengdarima Elieazer

Birthday: Sept 25, 2010

Bado Laurentine

Birthday: Dec 23, 2008

Children From Village S

Just click on the image of the child you want to sponsor!

Ouedraogo Louise

Birthday: March 5, 2008

Ouedraogo Antoinette

Zongo Pascaline

Kinda Ivette

Ouedraogo Nathalie

Ouedraogo Salam

Kinda Paterne

Kinda Hubert

Kabore Safiata

Kinda Constantin

Ouedraogo Daouda

Kinda Sountoonoma Antoine

Birthday: July 27, 2005

Kinda Sana Edwige

Birthday: Oct 22, 2011

Tiendrebeogo Wendyam

Birthday: Jan 12, 2007

Children From Village V

Just click on the image of the child you want to sponsor!

Sawadogo Alexandre

Born in 2006

Nignan Djeneba

Birthday: Oct 20, 2008

Ouedraogo Charlotte

Born in 2010

Dagano Agnes

Born in 2008

Tagnon Bassou

Born in 2009

Zongo Marie

Born in 2007

Zongo Celine

Born in 2009

Ouedraogo Solange

Zoumba Nadege

Dagano Ganiou

Ouedraogo Abdou

Karaogo Dimitri

Benao Dieudonne

Born in 2005

Ouedraogo Germaine

Born in 2007