When we started Walk In The Light International, we raised money the only way we knew how: car washes!  We literally built an entire school one car wash at a time.  That DNA of doing what we love and doing what we can has stayed with our organization through people like you, who do what they love and do what you’re passionate about to help change the world.  Here are a few of your stories.

Lisa Stirrett owns a glass art studio in Silverdale, Washington.  She decided a long time ago that it would be her place to give back to her community locally and globally.  They’ve partnered with WITLI to build a health center in Burkina Faso.  They created “Products With A Purpose”, beginning with tea lights to fund the foundation to build the Health Center.  Then, on a visit to Burkina Faso, they found out about the needs of women in the country and decided to start a “Pay It Forward” loan program, empowering women to build businesses and be extremely successful.  They currently have a 100% pay-back rate, and other women are waiting to start businesses. Each loan paid back rolls right into a new loan! Lisa says, “if I had to sell art to make money, I’d probably quit.  I’m trying to use my gifts the best way I know how so that I can give back as much as I can.”

Maddie Welk told her mom one evening that she wanted to do something really kind.  So, her mom asked her if she wanted to walk for water!  But Maddie had a better idea. She wanted to find a way to do what she loves with the purpose of raising money so kids just like her don’t have to walk for miles for clean water. She decided to host a movie night and invite her friends!  They hosted the party in their orchard, and she not only had a lot of fun but raised a lot of money.  She’s now hosted a few different events to raise money for drilling wells in Burkina Faso!

Kevin Pentz had a dream a while back to complete a full Ironman triathlon.  About the time he started training, he heard about a need in Burkina Faso for a Health Center.  There was a young man named Mohammed, who became ill and was turned away from many health centers.  Mohammed passed away before he reached the capitol’s hospital.  When Kevin heard this story, he saw an opportunity to use his passion to complete an Ironman to help heal the world.  He asked for money via Facebook and a few different local vision-casting events, and people gave generously.  Even though the dream felt too big, and there were setbacks during the race, he finished knowing that all the energy and effort was going to make an eternal difference in the lives of kids.

This is just the beginning.  We are so excited to see what you are going to do to help change the world!