R High School

Education is a key piece of how WITLI hopes to bring lasting change to the nation of Burkina Faso. Through education, the children of R will be granted innumerable opportunities which would otherwise have been impossible for them. We hope to invest in generations of students who will then use the knowledge and experience they’ve gained to contribute back to their country for years to come. Your donation will help to complete the construction of the high school school in R.

Ministry Needs

Help us meet the ministry need for our 49 Burkina Employees

Pay It Forward Loans

Your donation towards a Pay It Forward loan becomes a donation that keeps on giving. A woman in Burkina Faso receives a 0% interest loan, beginning her journey of owning her own business. Once she pays back her loan, it rolls over to another woman to start another business! Stay connected with her through letters and email and cheerlead her along the way. Each of these women have a story just like you. Become a piece of her life story and share in the journey together.


At WITLI we believe that education is the KEY component to both a child’s well-being and seals their future. Burkina Faso is one of the least educated countries in the world, with a literacy rate of less than 22%. Without enough schools, the cycle of poverty continues. We believe that we can change this. Our goal is to see an elementary, junior high & high school in each of the 45 provinces in Burkina Faso.

Emergency Pandemic & Refugee Fund

To reopen our schools after the pandemic is estimated total cost $4500 (masks & soap) as well as $1000 for helping the refugees during this pandemic.

V Secondary School Toilets

We are almost to our goal to be able to provide a set of multi-stall toilets for our teachers and students, $1800 will help us reach it!

S Secondary School

Help us complete Phase One of the Village S Secondary School. The 6th grade class of 2019-2020 passed their exam with a 100% pass rate and this school allows them to continue their education in grades 7 – 10th. Our goal is $34,000.