The goal: to raise $12,5000

1. $10,500 for school supplies for 14 classrooms in Rialo

2. $2,000 helps build the roof on the Sondre Secondary School

These projects will empower the next generation of leaders and learners.

We believe that together we can transform the country of Burkina Faso!

Meet Noelie

This Giving Tuesday, your generosity empowers students like her.

Noelie lives in Bagoun, a village neighboring Vatao. Noelie’s father recently suffered an injury that resulted in the amputation of his right leg, causing her mother to take over farming responsibilities. In most cases like these, children would be forced into laboring on the farm. However, Noelie’s mother sees the value of education and encourages her daughter to pursue her studies and dream big dreams. The school is so close to her home that Noelie is able to walk to school each day, and since WITLI schools don’t charge students for enrollment or supplies, Noelie’s family can afford for her to attend. Currently, Noelie is at the top of her class, and hopes to grow up to be a doctor, caring for her father and the many hurting people in her village.

Project Total: $12,500

This year, WITLI has a big goal for Giving Tuesday! Check out the breakdown for more information.

1. $10,500 for School Supplies for Rialo’s 14 Classrooms

2. $2000 for the $5,000 Roof for Sondre Secondary School 7 th-8th grade classrooms