The story of the birth of the Walk in the Light Women Empowerment Ministry and Walk in the Light’s Pay it Forward Program started a number of years ago when Lisa Stirrett went on a trip to Burkina with Tom & Katy Cornell. From that initial trip started a program of empowering the women of Burkina Faso to change their living situations through business training, microfinancing, a period pad program, inner healing, a sewing school and prayer ministry.  Lisa Stirrett is now the Walk in the Light Women Empowerment director and has through the years her glass studio has partnered to raise funds to help empower the women in Burkina. Lisa now continues to empower women around thru world thru her non profit, Creative Warriors and her glass art studio. Our pay it forward program has a 100% payback because of generous donors like you that give to offset all the administrative costs. Check out all the amazing things God is doing and how you can partner with us in what God is doing to empower and change the lives of women in Burkina.

Pay It Forward Loan Program

There is a creative, intelligent, and resourceful woman in Burkina Faso with a great business plan, looking for the capital to become an entrepreneur. She presents her plan to WITLI’s Burkinabé coach who partners with her to refine and strengthen the business plan.

When you fund a Pay It Forward loan, a woman is empowered with the capital she needs to start her own business, receiving a 0% interest loan. As she pioneers her business, her coach continues to walk alongside her, equipping and empowering her to overcome self-identified weaknesses.

Every month the women meet with their coach and make their payments according to their plan. The monthly update allows them to talk through their successes and seek counsel on improvement. Once the loan is repaid in full, the money recycles to fund and empower another woman.

WITLI Pay It Forward Women's Program: Sponsor a Ladies Loan Today

The Women Empowerment Program

Sewing School, Period Pads, Microfinance, Prayer Ministry


The Walk in the Light Women Empowerment program is in partnership with
Lisa Stirrett’s Glass Art Studio where a portion of the proceeds from the studio go to help support the Women Empowerment Program.